Feeling Full
Feeling Full
Jun 10, 2021
25. Shirtless Therapy, Body Shame and Skin Surgery
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Episode Summary

In this episode, Mordechai talks about the decision to have plastic surgery and the journey from his initial consideration to his post-surgery life.


  • About 5 years ago was the first time Mordechai decided that he wanted to have surgery.
  •  He visited 10 surgeons and decided something did not feel right. It felt like he was hiding something.
  • He decided not to have the surgery.
  • A year and a half ago he considered it for a second time and had the surgery.
  • At a retreat in Costa Rica, he was hot but didn’t want to remove his shirt in front of people at the event.
  • As a kid, Mordechai was bullied and picked on because of his weight.
  • Mordechai shared with the group at the retreat that he had wanted to lose weight most of his life and now that he had, he still felt bad about himself.
  • He wanted to build something and be financially successful. He achieved both of those things but realized that it was more about the acceptance of others. 
  • He learned that he needed to accept himself.
  • He removed his shirt in front of the entire group while telling his story and sharing how he felt. It was a pivotal moment.
  • He finally realized how great it felt to be unapologetically himself.
  • He made it a point to remove his shirt after that and it was still hard, but it began to feel more comfortable.
  • Have you ever had a moment where you stopped worrying about measuring up to society and you were your authentic self?
  • He came across other men who were reluctant to remove their shirts.
  • A few years later he decided it was time to have the surgery. He didn't feel he was running away from the skin but towards his true self. 
  • After interviewing a number of doctors, he realized that many of the doctors were not aligned with his needs.
  • Mordechai struggled with scheduling the surgery.  He worried about what it meant about him as a man and how he would be perceived.
  • Letting his friends in and telling them about his surgery was a big part of the healing process.
  • Now that he has shared about the surgeries, he has more people speaking with him about it.
  • If you do it for the right reasons then you will probably have a great result.

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