Feeling Full
Feeling Full
May 20, 2021
22. Hungry For Change? Challenge Your Beliefs with James Colquhoun
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Episode Summary

In this episode, James talks about transformations, the healing power of the human body, how to change beliefs, and the importance of being non-attached.

"Everything is absolutely always unfolding perfectly" - James Colquhoun


  • James discovered that it is important to clear your slate to reset how you think before trying to move forward.
  • Most people never clear their mental and physical slate to help discover what truly drives them.
  • Going through some big transformation can give some deeper insight into your essence and what you are here to do.
  • James has been trying to help people understand what a powerful healing machine their body is.
  • Detoxing and cleansing can offer your body a reset to help focus your approach on food.
  • Now James is focusing on spiritual and mental reset to help focus attention.
  • Non-attachment is a difficult muscle to recognize since we are trained to expect outcomes and instant gratification.
  • Instead of paying attention to what is causing the symptoms of our discomfort, we are relying on instant relief from manufactured medicine.
  • The idea of suffering is an illusion because we create it through an attachment to an outcome and desire for an outcome.
  • Step 1: Practice being nothing and just being in the moment. 
  • Step 2: Be non-attached to what happens next.
  • When things get “too comfortable” for James he tends to blow it up and move on to something new.
  • James worked as a Qualified Ships Officer which allowed him to work with some of the world’s wealthiest people.
  • James had an extraordinary job but was thinking about changing. He was told by his boss, “If you’re thinking about it, do it.” Which was a pivotal moment for James.
  • While working for some of the wealthiest people in the world he realized that money does not make you happy or healthy. 
  • He witnessed the trap of wealth firsthand.
  • Part of the reason for recording the experts was to let James’ dad see them. 
  • Education shifts your beliefs. Beliefs shift your choices. Choices shift the outcome of your life.
  • People are living longer but also dying longer.
  • Once James’ father shifted his beliefs, he saw major health and wellness improvements.
  • Transformation comes through insight and/or pain.
  • One of James’s favorite juices: Celery, cucumber, lime or lemon, ginger, and/or Turmeric.
  • The Four Agreements and Man’s Search for Meaning are two of James’ favorite books to gift to people.

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