Building a Leadership Brand
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Episiode 1 we talked about the merit of the pivot as a leader

Episode 2 we talk about empathy as a leader

Episode 3 we talk about building a leadership brand

Your leadership brand is how you work with others to produce results. So how do you build a leadership brand?  5 steps

1. What results do you want to achieve in the next year?What are the expectations of those you serve, rather than your personal strengths. Leadership brand is outward focused; it is about delivering results. Clarify what is expected of you.

2. Understand Your Current Brand

How do others perceive you. Reflect on how you learn, share information, and influence others. Ask for feedback from your manager, teammates, and family regarding your communication and decision-making styles, and strengths and weaknesses. Make note of common keywords and areas for improvement.

3. What is your mission statement? What do you want to be known for? Stephen R. Covey introduced the concept of a personal mission statement in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In the second habit, ‘Begin with the End in Mind’, Covey argues everything is created twice; once in our imagination, as we visualize an outcome, and again when we actually achieve the goal. A personal mission statement, which draws on your values and desired end-goal, helps integrate this thinking into our lives. It becomes the north star by which you make decisions.  example of a mission statement “I want to be known for being ______________ so that I can deliver __________.”

4. Identify Your ValuesTeam members will follow leaders they like, trust, and respect so what are your values? What do you stand for and what will you not stand for?  What traits and habits are admired in your organization? Do you currently exhibit these traits? If not, can you or should you do so?  

5. Live Your BrandConsistency and frequency distinguish adequate and brilliant leaders. Build trust in your band by living it. Share your mission statement with your colleagues so they know what to expect from you.  Use your values as a compass for actions, interactions, and decisions. Ask for feedback periodically – do they see you as you imagined in your mission statement? Is your behavior consistent? How are you building your brand online? If you use mediums such as LinkedIn or project management forums, your profile and interactions should be the same across all sites and tally with your daily behaviors. 

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