“ I have just been promoted to my FIRST MANAGEMENT ROLE!”
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With the ever increased  “reordering” of businesses, many of our listeners have the new opportunity to move up from an individual contributor to a manager of others . As we discussed in previous episodes, self-leadership and building of our leadership brand has gotten some of you to a place where you are being asked to MANAGE A TEAM. Exciting? Or Frightening? Overwhelmed? Or…How can I best meet this challenge?


  1. Define Your Role- Make sure you fully understand your new responsibilities, goals and objectives. Not only study the job description but Definitely sit down with your superior and ask them to point out the top 3 points that your role will create value for the company. 
    1. Understand the goals and objectives in order of priority.
    2. Once again, spend time with your direct reports and find out about them. Know what drives them, what they need from you (resources) and understand the gaps in talent.
    3. Find a mentor that will support you and understands the nuances of navigating the company culture AND has an inside  perspective on accomplishing what is needed.
  2. Build Good Relationships with your team.
    1. According to Dale Carnegie Training, the most important part of a manager’s role is his ability to make an authentic, personal connection with the people on his team.
    2. Your first responsibility is to be a LEADER, and to do that you need to take a balanced approach to relationships. You need to be able to guide them to the success, and ultimately to their own successes.
  3. Identify and Communicate Goals
    1. The “new broom syndrome”- sweeping away all the “old ways” as soon as you arrive is guaranteed to put people on the defense. Work with your team to collaboratively find out what is NOT working and how change will increase effectiveness and efficiency.
    2. Create a Mission Statement for your team. This will allow them to understand the WHY and HOW of working on your team while they are working on the  WHAT.
  4. Provide Timely Feedback.
    1. For me, this was always key for insuring that I didn’t hold any of my direct reports up from a decision making process. I would answer questions and give feedback within 24 hours AND when I had to give direction for a project or decision- I would communicate first thing in the morning. This allowed them to connect to other teams, departments, etc so that they could insure ease of process.
  5. Understand the many hats of a Manager and know when to use each of them to get the job done.
    1. Inspirational Leader
    2. Mediator
    3. Facilitator
    4. Negotiator


And Finally..enjoy the ride and be authentic to who you are.

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