Recognizing The Value of "Leisure and Rest"
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“I NEED A BREAK!.” But my work consumes me.

We are doers. We accomplish. We take action. We resist the temptation to rest. But rest is an important key to effectiveness and productivity. ... You will have the stamina to move through the different seasons of leadership and have a greater chance of leave a lasting legacy.So first we will talk about where this came from. Why do we resist taking breaks? Then we will talk about how to take that break!


Myth #1- You will accomplish more

  • Workaholics tend to be less effective because they are not team players. They have trouble delegating tasks, or they take on so much work that they lack organization.
  • As people work longer hours without rest, diminishing focus and energy result in less productivity. Former NASA scientists have found that people who take vacations experience an 92% increase in job performance upon their return, with longer vacations making more of an impact than short ones.
  • I took a page from Jeff Weiner, Former CEO of LinkedIn, and starting building in breaks between tasks.

 Myth #2- You must be a workaholic to succeed

  • Fact- there are financially success people working less than 40 hours per week. They have set up systems and learned to only do things they can make the most difference, delegating the rest.
  • Tim Ferris’s 4 hour work week. Ask yourself "What would excite you?"  What can you outsource? What can you automate? What can you productize so it makes you money while you sleep? Pareto's principle. 20 percent of what you do drives 80 percent of your revenue
  • Work will expand to fill the time you allott it. How can you use apps to track how long it takes you do something, and parse your calendar that way.

Myth #3- No one ever died of hard work

  • There is a word in Japan, karoshi, meaning death from overwork, estimated to cost 1000 deaths per year, and almost 5% of Japan’s stroke and heart attach deaths in employees below 60.
  • This was one of my father’s favorite sayings. He died of a heart attack at the age of 58.

Conclusion: Hard worker vs Workaholic- Hard work is not bad. On the contrary, most successful people are usually those who worked hard to get where they are, but past a certain point, it can be a compulsion. Something not done out of enjoyment or reward, but because a person for unhealthy reasons cannot do without it.

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