Product-Focused Marketing Magic & Crowdfunding Culture with Co-Founder & CMO of Chip, Alex Latham #19
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Being a successful CMO takes a determined individual with a great skill set, but there’s much more to learn from those who do so alongside being a Co-Founder…

The resilience that Alex Latham has shown is exhibited marvellously in Chip, one of the UK’s fastest growing FinTech startups with a huge customer base of over 200,000 users. 

In this month’s Scale of One to Tech, we learn the resilience and collaboration that makes an admirable Co-Founder, the product-focused approach we’re yet to see from many CMOs, and how to create content that stands head and shoulders above the rest of an increasingly competitive FinTech market.

This episode covers

  • Key qualities of a CMO, and what to look for in a great Co-Founder
  • Chip’s remarkable crowdfunding campaigns, raising over £30m
  • Standing out in an increasingly competitive FinTech market through innovative content
  • The difficulties that shaped Alex & Chip, and proved their commitment to customer experience

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