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Parent Tell
May 16, 2022
Kids' Music Kinda Sucks, Let's Change That
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This week on Parent Tell Kaila talks about revamping kids music with Jeff Fajans, a creative coach and musician. Jeff decided to write and produce his own children's music albums after realizing that what was already out there just wasn't cutting it. Using the name Mrboodaddy (because who said our AIM names would never come in handy in our adult lives), Jeff has created a new style of music for kids that is edgy, relatable, and also doesn't make parents want to immediately insert some earplugs. Kaila and Jeff have an important discussion, where they kinda sorta bash the "traditional" kids' music, sorry not sorry, Little Miss Muffet, but also discuss that this new style of music goes deeper than just proclaiming a toddler's love for trash trucks. Millennial parents are focused on respecting their children as individuals and want to reach them creatively and encourage them to relate to the world around them.  Empowering children + giving them the respect that many of us who grew up with Baby Boomer parents didn't necessarily get until later in life, if at all = Big Millennial Parent Energy.

Jeff Fajans is a creative performance & leadership coach who works with creators and entrepreneurs to help them bring their biggest ideas to life and become better leaders. He serves on the Board of Advisors at Oasis Center International - a non-profit whose mission is to bring creativity and arts mentorship programs to underserved youth across the world. His mission is to help 1 million people bring their biggest ideas to life through his coaching, teaching, and advocacy of creativity.  Jeff is also an avid music creator & guitar player - creating a new style of “Beastie Boys for Babies” kids music that captures the authentic, wild ride of parents and their little kids experiencing the world together. He’s a Dad to an energetic 3 1/2 year old boy named Hendrix, and has been married to his amazing wife, Katherine, for over 5 years.
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