Parent Tell
Parent Tell
May 3, 2021
Let's Talk About Sleep, Baby
Play • 1 hr 9 min

Don't let anyone ever fool you with the phrase "sleep like a baby" ever again after listening to Kaila and her guest, Christina, talk about how excruciating sleep deprivation is for parents as well as for tiny babes. Aside from the fact that babies are extremely loud when they sleep (we're talking grunting, crying while still being asleep, and strangely loud sighs), they do not know how to sleep through the night when they are born. It falls to the parent to teach a baby how to sleep through the night; that can or cannot mean sleep training, but it does mean that you, the adult, are extremely exhausted until your child knows how to sleep successfully through the night. Here's the kicker though: at a certain point no one in your house should be waking up in the middle of the night. The goal is not only to have your child sleep through the night but also for YOU to get some well deserved rest. Sleep does not discriminate; every single human being needs and deserves sleep, it's just how you get to that point that is up to you. Now go get some sleep, mom and dad!

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