Ep 23 | The Hollywood Approach to Life with Kristina Paider
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Do you realize that every one of us, right now, is designing our lives? Kristina Piader tells us why it is so by walking us through the many lessons she learned in her career as a Hollywood screenwriter. Join in to learn the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Time-based) process of setting goals in the industry and what you can imbibe from it! 

Kristina has been a Hollywood screenwriter for 23 years. She has studied with the major Hollywood institutions, great storytelling teachers, and purveyors of her time from the feature film aspect. She joins me in this episode to discuss her book, The Hollywood Approach, sharing why it is unique in its approach and is more than just resilience training. Listen in for her unparalleled views on connecting Hollywood lessons with everyday lives and what lessons it brings us!

To learn more about her, visit KristinaPaider.com.

The Hollywood Approach
Script Your Life Like a Hit Movie and Live Your Wildest Dream

By Kristina Paider


Can you tell us a bit of why the Hollywood approach is so effective?


The global entertainment industry in 2019 topped for the first time $101 billion. That figure is three times what it was ten years ago. It is a vastly growing market. And on an average of at least three continents, people are consuming 35 hours of television per week. Most of our stories are influenced by Hollywood.

 Is it fair to say that you're taking a more rounded approach and really investigating the person who is making a decision?


Yes. And again, it's not to say anything negative about what anyone else is doing. I think resilience is a broader topic and broader goal, and so it requires some broader thinking, whereas mine is more focused on a specific goal. I was delighted to learn that the overlap of examining strengths is also helpful to think about your resilience.

What do you mean by the significance of the first?


The significance of the first is the tipping point for a cascade of momentum, actions, and other decisions. The first is saying yes to yourself and investing in yourself. Then, making a move, an action decision, and an action toward what you want.



“I like to encourage people to analyze their success stories, then nurture their subconscious with those kinds of messages.”


“Resilience has a broader topic, and broader goal, and so requires maybe some broader thinking, whereas mine is more focused on a specific goal.”


“But either way, there's powerful information in examining flaws and making sure that we're observing the flaws and not judging them.”



●      Book: The Hollywood Approach by Kristina Paider



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