Episode 8: Spirituality with Reverend Lee Wolak
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This weeks guest is Reverend Lee Wolak. He climbed corporate America for over 30 years becoming Vice President of a large financial institution before realizing that his true passion is teaching others philosophy about how to live a more fulfilling life. He is the founder and Senior Minister at the Agape Center for Spiritual Living in Texas, a transdenominational community which embraces all faiths and centers on inclusivity. I hope you enjoy this week's episode

Lee being rejected from the Church and leaving religion as a kid

  • Something was missing in Lee's Life after achieving the American Dream
  • Becoming a licensed practioner
  • Leaving the corporate world
  • Founding the Agape spiritual center
  • Mention: Suze Orman on financial help
  • Becoming debt free
  • Debt is modern day slavery
  • Joy comes from internal sources
  • Mention: Dr. John Demartini
  • Understanding your top values
  • Greatest Void and wanting more 
  • Lee's Top values: teaching and building communities
  • Top areas for a successful Relationship: Attraction mental, emotion physical attraction, Safety, Growth, Fun
  • Dr Dr Martini's course
  • Michael on leveling up the coaches
  • Networking vs. Friendship development
  • Mention: Darren Jacklin
  • Weekly relationships supporting friends
  • Society is becoming comfortably numb
  • Mention: Dr Dispenza
  • Mention: John Demartini's course Breakthrough Experience
  • Lee Wolak's runs a daily meditations
  • Acceptance of yourself and others as they are
  • Love and judgement don't co-exist
  • Mention: Soul movie available on Disney plus
  • No great plan in life, you get to choose the life you want
  • Mention: Tony Robbins
  • Mention: Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana Meditation
  • Mention: Wim Hof Breathing Technique
  • Wim Hof Virus study mention: Correction, it was a dead e-coli virus
  • Kids don't listen to what you say you do, they listen to what you do
  • Mention: Ben Greenfield's morning routine PDF
  • Lee's Morning Routine
  • To have more, you need to let go of something
  • The 5th Agreement Book
  • Have an agreement: Ask for what you want in relationships
  • Hot 50 list
  • Gun control
  • Lee's Brain Tumor and getting over it with thoughts and diet
  • Politics
  • Mention: Sadhguru
  • Power structure issues with Guru's
  • Mention: Osho
  • Celibacy vs. making love
  • Sex 1-2 times a day close to 70 years of emotions
  • Why partners stop having sex
  • Vegetarian + eating meat on vacation
  • Asking a doctor if he's okay
  • Having a gay son
  • Support vs. help
  • Being there for your children regardless of their beliefs
  • Mention: David Deida
  • Mastery of Love Book-Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Lee's view on Alpha males
  • Mention: Jesse Itzler and Sara Blakeley
  • Money and social hierarchy 
  • Ayahuasca in  Peru
  • Michaels experience of a sober hallucinogenic trip at Date with Destiny Tony Robbins
  • Being on a retreat in India during the worst flood in a 100 years
  • A mystical experience with a stranger
  • What type of reverend are you, Lee?
  • Message to the world: Be yourself




Twitter: Lee_Agape


http://darrenjacklin.com/ & www.LY2NK.ORG 


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