Mishlei 20:16 - Collect First, Collect Hard, NO MERCY! (Part 2)
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לְקַח בִּגְדוֹ כִּי עָרַב זָר וּבְעַד [נׇכְרִיָּה] (נכרים) חַבְלֵהוּ:

This morning (6/15/21 at YBT) we continued our analysis of yesterday's pasuk, starting with Metzudas David. We then read Rabbeinu Yonah's explanation, which was consistent with the approach we had developed. We concluded by trying to learn the Ralbag's interpretation, which we didn't really understand, but which seemed interesting enough to continue musing about on our own.
משלי כ:טז
מצודת ציון/דוד - משלי כ:טז
רבינו יונה - משלי כ:טז
רלב"ג - משלי כ:טז
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