Mishlei 20:8 - The King Who Scatters Evil
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מֶלֶךְ יוֹשֵׁב עַל כִּסֵּא דִין מְזָרֶה בְעֵינָיו כׇּל רָע:

This morning (5/24/21 at YBT) we returned to our regularly scheduled Mishlei. (The Super Ultra Hyper Mega Meta Mishlei review was a worthwhile use of time, but I just couldn't bear to spend another day NOT learning fresh Mishlei.) We continued with our new plan of me not preparing ahead of time and we arrived at 2.5 ideas. Tomorrow we'll consult the מפרשים.
משלי כ:ח
תרגום רס"ג - משלי כ:ח
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