Mishlei 20:1 - The Relationship Between the Leitz, Wine, and Chochmah (Part 3)
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לֵץ הַיַּיִן הֹמֶה שֵׁכָר וְכׇל שֹׁגֶה בּוֹ לֹא יֶחְכָּם:

This morning (4/21/21 at YBT) we wrapped up our analysis of yesterday's pasuk. We managed to resolve the problems we had with the Metzudas David's interpretation yesterday. We then learned Rabbeinu Yonah's explanation, which (it turns out) was where I got half of mine from. Lastly, we explored a metaphorical interpretation based on the Yalkut Shimoni.
משלי כ:א
מצודת דוד - משלי כ:א
רבינו יונה - משלי כ:א
ילקוט שמעוני - משלי כ:א
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