Mishlei 19:8 - How to Acquire Good Middos
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קֹנֶה לֵּב אֹהֵב נַפְשׁוֹ שֹׁמֵר תְּבוּנָה לִמְצֹא טוֹב:

This morning (1/5/20 at YBT) we revisited yesterday's pasuk with the aim to understand Rabbeinu Yonah's explanation. First we took up the "machlokess" between Rabbeinu Yonah and R' Yosef ibn Kaspi on whether one should interpret the sequencing and juxtaposition of pesukim in Mishlei. Next we tackled the main part of his commentary and ended up arriving at a really nice idea. Finally, at the end of shiur, we had a brief discussion about the merits of deductive vs. inductive arguments - a topic which came up in my English class yesterday but was also related to my interpretation of our pasuk from yesterday.

Please feel free to leave your questions, insights, and feedback in the comments!
משלי יט:ח
רבינו יונה - משלי יט:ח
ר"י אבן כספי פירוש השני - משלי י:א
אבות ב:ט
רבינו יונה - אבות ב:ט
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