Mishlei 19:8 - The Compound Effects of Intellectual Diligence and Laziness
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קֹנֶה לֵּב אֹהֵב נַפְשׁוֹ שֹׁמֵר תְּבוּנָה לִמְצֹא טוֹב:

This morning (1/4/20 at YBT) we learned a very generic sounding pasuk about the pursuit of knowledge. The challenge was to interpret it in a manner that accounted for its generality but offered an idea that still felt like a chidush (novel insight). We came up with three approaches, then read through the meforshim and didn't find much that was satisfying. Rabbeinu Yonah alone took a radically different approach, which we intend to revisit tomorrow morning.
משלי יט:ח
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