Mishlei 19:7 - How to Lose Friends and (Not) Influence People
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כָּל אֲחֵי רָשׁ שְׂנֵאֻהוּ אַף כִּי מְרֵעֵהוּ רָחֲקוּ מִמֶּנּוּ, מְרַדֵּף אֲמָרִים [לוֹ] (לא) הֵמָּה:

This morning (12/31/20 at YBT) we learned yet another pasuk about poverty and its detrminents. The challenge was that the first half of this pasuk was very similar to 19:4, which also dealt with the phenomenon of a poor person being abandoned by his friends. As usual, the key to uncovering the idea was to identify the subject of the pasuk and then look for the chidush (novel insight) accordingly. The ultimate idea we emerged with was far broader than the scope of the pasuk as we initially conceived of it.
משלי יט:ז
רלב"ג - משלי יט:ו-ו
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