Mishlei 26:24-25 - Don't Trust a Foe
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:בִּשְׂפָתָו יִנָּכֵר שׂוֹנֵא וּבְקִרְבּוֹ יָשִׁית מִרְמָה
:כִּי יְחַנֵּן קוֹלוֹ אַל תַּאֲמֶן בּוֹ כִּי שֶׁבַע תּוֹעֵבוֹת בְּלִבּוֹ

In our morning Mishlei shiur (12/1/20 at YBT) we learned Mishlei 26:24-25. To be honest, I debated whether to upload this one. Chazal say "the words of Torah are poor in their place and rich in another place" (Talmud Yerushalmi Rosh ha'Shanah 3:4), and - to be frank - today's pesukim were poor. Or at least, if they DID contain riches, we didn't find them. Ultimately, I decided to post this because it stands as an example of the fact that there ARE pesukim such as these. And who knows? Perhaps someone who listens to this shiur will find more than we did.
משלי כו:כד-כה
מצודת דוד - משלי כו:כד-כה
מיוחס לראב"ע - משלי כו:כד-כה
ראב"ע כת"י - משלי כו:כד-כה
רש"י -משלי כו:כד-כה
רס"ג - משלי כו:כד-כה
רלב"ג -משלי כו:כד-כה
ר"י נחמיאש - משלי כו:כד-כה
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