James Benham: Exploring Automation and the Future of Work at JBKnowledge
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In this week's episode of the Future Construct Podcast (41 min interview), we are excited to feature James Benham, CEO, and Co-founder of JB Knowledge. JB Knowledge offers technology solutions for Insurance & Construction companies, transforming risk management technology and implementing technologies to transform construction projects. You name it; they can build it! JB Knowledge aims to make the world a more tech-savvy place; insurance and construction are just where they started.

Some highlights of James' interview with host Amy Peck (@VirtualGirlNY) include:

● A recap of James' career, including his University degrees, founding JB Knowledge, and traveling and working worldwide. 
● The future of employment, particularly how technology and automation will influence the future of work. 
● James' time as a City Council Member with the city of College Station and how he introduced innovation to the 125,000 residents to create a smarter city. 
● Why the world needs more doers and fewer critics for us to move forward. 
● The difference between wasting time or making time and how the human brain is the best computer ever built.


00:12 - Amy Peck introduces James Benham, the CEO and Co-Founder of JB Knowledge, and his work experience. 

02:52 - What inspired the move to Texas, with it being a tech hub? Explain your thought-process for the move. 

07:38 - How do you ensure that you are intentional with the way you spend your time? What do you think of people who spend a lot of their time complaining, rather than acting on the things they want to do?

17:52 - What are some strategies that you’ve employed at your company and that you recommend to other business owners? In terms of retraining the workforce, and integrating technology in a positive way. 

23:55 - How can companies stay relevant with the technology life cycle and innovation cycles being so short? 

35:26 - Tell me about your daughters. Are they interested in technology? Are they interested in flying? 

38:22 - If you could project yourself 20 years into the future, and you can bring one product or service with you that makes your life better, what would it be and what would it do?

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