Miguel Vidal: Evolving Technology and How Information is Consumed at CBRE
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Our team is thrilled to bring you this new episode of the Future Construct Podcast (30 min interview), where we spotlight Miquel Vidal, Head of XRS (eXtended Reality Solutions) at CBRE Global Workplace Solutions (@CBRE). Miquel has been an evangelist on XR within CBRE for the last three years, working across numerous teams, presenting the values and benefits of disruptive technology, having run numerous PoC and pilots with some of CBRE's front-line workers on their respective clients' sites. For the majority of his time in CBRE, he led teams that delivered an array of different innovative initiatives and projects, from ideation to implementation and final delivery, positively impacting internal customers and clients.

Some highlights of Miquel's interview with host Amy Peck (@VirtualGirlNY) include:

  • Some of the trends and solutions he believes will streamline workflows and facilitate industry improvements
  • His deployment strategy and how his internal team has conducted a soft launch of concepts, garnering interest from clients
  • How consumer devices hitting the market will influence the introduction of technology to industry workflows and the work he's doing
  • Miquel's thoughts on computing, the evolution of consuming information, and its impact on consumers and business


0:37 Amy Peck introduces Miquel Vidal, the Head of XRS at CBRE Global Workplace Solutions.

2:59 So, what are some of the ways and trends you're seeing that make you say, "we think these kinds of solutions will streamline workflows"?

9:19 We know that these consumer devices are coming. Do you feel as though those devices are going to have an impact on how easily we'll be able to introduce this technology into the workflow?

12:28 And so, what kind of trends are you seeing, beyond the things that you're looking at directly, but really future forward, across this industry and emerging technology in general?

14:59 You mentioned computing and having information all around us. Consuming content in context, with location being a big component of that. How do you see that evolution? Are you seeing it as a two-way street, and how does it impact consumers and business?

25:48 Projecting yourself 20 to 25 years in the future, and you can have any environment or any gadget that makes your life better, what would it be and wha

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