OB147: Sector to Sector on Vectors
1 hr 16 min

Episode 147 Show Notes


Topic of the show: Tell us about your first solo!  Were you ready?   Did you instructor adequately prepare you for the unknown?  Did you have fun?  Were you scared?  AG and RH share some listener stories and get to some more great questions and feedback.  Enjoy the show!


Timely Feedback:

  1. Captain Dana and RH met for dinner in the TRIAD.
  2. PATRON Juliet Hotel sent in some information about non-towered airport traffic count.
  3. PATRON Bravo Sierra sent this link about filing NASA and ASRS Reports. https://www.boldmethod.com/learn-to-fly/regulations/how-to-file-a-nasa-asrs-report/
  4. Looking for the most terrifying marriage proposal ever accomplished by a pilot? Check this out:https://youtu.be/kxTAjVGN4CE?t=114



  1. November Sierra explains and awkward exchange between ATC and the PIC.
  2. “OPS 2” shares their opinion on NOTAMs.
  3. PATRON Whiskey Charlie wants to know who crushed the fun ATCer’s soul?
  4. PATRON Juliet Hotel wants to know why Class C controllers sometimes send pattern work packing.
  5. PATRON Delta Zulu has a question related to the disappearing VORs.
  6. PATRON Hotel Bravo has a question about Presidential TFRs, specifically https://www.faasafety.gov/files/notices/2020/Jun/Bedminster_TFR.pdf


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Ready For Takeoff - Turn Your Aviation Passion Into A Career
Ready For Takeoff - Turn Your Aviation Passion Into A Career
Captain George Nolly
RFT 452: Airline Pilot Jim Allen
Jim attended the University of Kansas and enrolled in Navy ROTC. Although he was promised an assignment as a pilot, he was initially assigned as a Naval Flight Officer (back seater). He flew the EA-6B Prowler out of Whidbey Island, WA. In the EA-6B, he flew combat missions in Bosnia.  After his assignment, he finally got his slot to pilot training. As a pilot, he flew the EC-3, and electronic version of the P-3. He followed that assignment as a T-34 instructor in the Naval Training Command at Corpus Christi, TX. He flew 700 hours per year. He loved being an instructor, and decided that would be his future. He flew as an instructor for 15 years, amassing 3600 hours in the aircraft. After the Navy, Jim worked for an aerospace engineering company in Corpus Christi and flew for the Reserves. He enjoyed the environment at the engineering company, but missed full-time flying. For a short time he flew for JetBlue Airlines, but after a short time he had to leave for a family emergency. After JetBlue, he went to Iraq as a volunteer Individual Augmentee in the reserves. He was embedded with the army looking for Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).  After Iraq, he flew 10 2-month tours in Afghanistan as a contractor flying King Air aircraft. He became an instructor almost immediately. Finally, Jim was hired by a legacy airline, where he now flies. Jim has written his autobiography, Plans That Make God Laugh.
1 hr 1 min
Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast
Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast
APG Crew
APG 450 - Landing in a Crab
Our crew today: Hosts Dr. Steph, Miami Rick, Captains Nick and Jeff, Producer/Director Liz. Join us for the latest in aviation news, your feedback, and this week's Plane Tale: "The Average Pilot." * [00:04:24] NEWS * [00:04:41] 'Safety first' as Volga-Dnepr grounds its AN-124 fleet indefinitely * [00:09:15] JFK Event - Southern Air Stall Warning After Departure * [00:26:53] FINAL REPORT - Serious Incident Boeing 747-47UF N415MC, 30 Aug 2018 * [00:39:57] Sad: Retired British Airways 747 Catches Fire * [00:43:38] FINAL REPORT - Emirates A388 over Mozambique on Jan 16th 2020 - Turbulence Injures Passenger * [00:53:40] FINAL REPORT - Incident Strasbourg Airport - April 12 2019 * [01:06:53] Hollywood man charged after drone hits LAPD helicopter * [01:10:06] GETTING TO KNOW US * [01:26:49] COFFEE FUND * [01:29:04] FEEDBACK * [01:29:13] Jeff - Landing with Authority at TUL * [01:38:04] Kevin - Farewell to the Airport That Wouldn't Die * [01:42:28] Eaden - Captain Asks Crew to Take Video of Aircraft Wings as Air NZ Flight Diverts to Christchurch * [01:45:57] Texas Charlie - Pan Am - Gone but Not Forgotten * [01:46:48] Brad - Hello APG! * [01:53:55] Robert - “You Should Stop Making Complaints to CX. Seriously.” * [01:57:46] Rich - Diego Garcia * [02:03:51] PLANE TALES - The Average Pilot * [02:33:15] Nick - MEL?? * [02:41:19] Richard - Wedding Onboard a C-130 * [02:43:42] Ham Radio Jim - Helicopter Safety * [02:51:44] Greg - NiCd Batteries Losing Storage Capacity * [02:59:38] Ashleigh - Richard Brooks - Retirement Shoutout! VIDEO Don't see the video? Click this to watch it on YouTube! Looking for the older episodes? You can find them by going here: All APG Episodes Feed ABOUT RADIO ROGER “Radio Roger” Stern has been a TV and Radio reporter since he was a teenager. He’s won an Emmy award for his coverage in the New York City Market. Currently you can hear his reporting in New York on radio station 1010 WINS, the number one all-news station in the nation. Nationally you can hear him anchor newscasts on the Fox News Radio Network and on Fox’s Headlines 24-7 service on Sirius XM Radio. In addition Roger is a proud member of and contributor to the APG community. Audible.com Trial Membership Offer - Get your free audio book today! Give us your review in iTunes! I'm "airlinepilotguy" on Facebook, and "airlinepilotguy" on Twitter. feedback@airlinepilotguy.com airlinepilotguy.com "Appify" the Airline Pilot Guy website (http://airlinepilotguy.com) on your phone or tablet! ATC audio from http://LiveATC.net Intro/outro Music, Coffee Fund theme music by Geoff Smith thegeoffsmith.com Dr. Steph's intro music by Nevil Bounds Capt Nick's intro music by Kevin from Norway (aka Kevski) Doh De Oh by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100255 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Copyright © AirlinePilotGuy 2020, All Rights Reserved Airline Pilot Guy Show by Jeff Nielsen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
3 hr 9 min
Aviation News Talk podcast
Aviation News Talk podcast
Max Trescott | Glass Cockpit Publishing
169 Fuel Gauge Accuracy, IFR Visual Approaches, & Listener Close Calls + GA News
169 Fuel Gauge Accuracy, IFR Visual Approaches, & Listener Close Calls + GA News Your Cirrus Specialist. Call me if you're thinking of buying a new Cirrus SR20 or SR22. Call 1-650-967-2500 for Cirrus purchase and training assistance, or to take my online seminar: So You Want to Fly or Buy a Cirrus. Please help support the show with a donation via PayPal or Patreon. Send us an email If you have a question you'd like answered on the show, let listeners hear you ask the question, by recording your listener question using your phone. Summary 169 Max talks with American Bonanza Society Executive Director Tom Turner about FAA regulations for fuel gauge accuracy. Max discusses what to do if you have to go around after cleared for an IFR Visual Approach, and how it differs depending upon whether you’re at a towered on non-towered airport. Max also reads listener emails about close calls including icing, fuel management, and weather accidents. News Stories * One Aviation's $5M Ch. 11 Sale OK'd Despite Opposition * GAMA publishes Q3 2020 aircraft shipments and billings * Charging the Pipistrel ALPHA electro with sunshine * New AOPA Weather Available Online an in AOPA app * Current Study on Pireps Needs Pilot Input * Plane crash survivor shares his story * Planes crash after student tries to pass on the taxiway * Flying with an air cast boot leads to loss of control * Neuroscience studies suggest pilot's brains are different * Man Arrested For Crashing Drone Into LAPD Chopper Mentioned in the Show Going Around after Flying an IFR Visual Approach PIREP Survey Link Medical Survey – Barriers Pilots Face When Seeking Care ATC Zero events due to pandemic If you love the show and want more, visit my Patreon page to see fun videos, breaking news, and other posts in the Posts section. And if you decide to make a small donation each month, you can get some goodies! So You Want To Learn to Fly or Buy a Cirrus seminars Online Version of the Seminar Coming Soon - Register for Notification Check out our recommended ADS-B receivers, and order one for yourself. Yes, we'll make a couple of dollars if you do. Check out our recommended Aviation Headsets, and order one for yourself! Get the Free Aviation News Talk app for iOS or Android. Check out Max’s Online Courses: G1000 VFR, G1000 IFR, and Flying WAAS & GPS Approaches. Find them all at: https://www.pilotlearning.com/ Get Max Trescott’s G1000 and Perspective Glass Cockpit Handbook, now in its Fifth edition. Call 800-247-6553 to order. Social Media Like Aviation News Talk podcast on Facebook Follow Max on Instagram Follow Max on Twitter Listen to all Aviation News Talk podcasts on YouTube or YouTube Premium Max Trescott is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.
1 hr 10 min
Retro Computing Roundtable
Retro Computing Roundtable
Retro Computing Roundtable
RCR Episode 226: RCR Episode 2
Panelists: Paul Hagstrom (hosting), Jack Nutting, and Carrington Vanston Topic: RCR Episode 2 Episode 2 of the Retro[ ]computing Roundtable is a decade old. Topic/Feedback links: * Episode 2 * Windows 1 Turns 25 * Target Haunted Computer (eBay) * Target Haunted Computer (YouTube) Retro Computing News: * Atari announces list of games included with upcoming Atari VCS * Official site not working, naturally * List can also be found here * The C64 * Procedurally generated retrocomputer emulators (Hackaday) * Procedurally generated emulators, list * CocoTalk 185 discussion of the procedurally generated emulators * 8-bit Unity new release * 8-bit Hub * Joeylib Upcoming shows * World of Commodore. Sat Dec 5. Virtual. Vintage Computer-related commercials: * Commodore MAX machine (Japanese) * Pioneer PL-518 turntable commercial 1979 Retro Computing Gift Idea: * Floppy shaped battery Auction Picks: * Carrington: Vintage Atari 410 Cassette Program Recorder * Heart of China for Mac by Dynamix * Serpentine for Apple II, sealed * Michael: PDP 11/45 front panel * Paul: Apple II+ jigsaw puzzle (missing a piece) * Apple IIe set (A cautionary tale about buying things for collectors) * Apple II Workstation card * Apple II Sprite Logo card * See also: LCSI Sprite Card (Peter Neubauer's blog) * Bunker-Ramo Telequote III terminal * See also: Discussion of a Telequote on VCFed forum * See also: Bunker-Ramo ad * DEC H-500 logic trainer Feedback/Discussion: * @rcrpodcast on Twitter * Vintage Computer Forum * RCR Podcast on Facebook * Throwback Network * Throwback Network on Facebook Intro / Closing Song: Back to Oz by John X Show audio files hosted by CyberEars Listen/Download:
WeMartians Podcast
WeMartians Podcast
Jake Robins
86 – Equitable Design (feat. Kavya Manyapu)
As more and more human spaceflight vehicles enter service, and more and more people have access to spaceflight, the need to design vehicles to accommodate different kinds of passengers becomes more and more important. Kavya Manyapu, a spacesuit engineer on Boeing's Starliner program, joins Jake to talk about equitable design, and the challenges and payoffs of pursuing it. We talk spacesuits and equitable design Boeing Suit unveiling Follow Kavya and Boeing's Starliner Kavya's WikipediaProfile on Kavya in Rocket WomenKavya's appearance on Space4U PodcastBoeing Starliner SiteBoeing Future U Follow Jake & WeMartians Website (www.wemartians.com)Patreon (www.patreon.com/wemartians)WeMartians Shop (shop.wemartians.com)Mailing List (https://wemartians.com/signup)Twitter (@we_martians) Jake’s Twitter (@JakeOnOrbit)Off-Nominal PodcastOrigins: Jim BridenstineMost Recent Episode: 35 - The Two Mile of the Space Industry featuring Caleb Henry Support WeMartians on Patreon Now Available - Season 4 Mission Patches Our season 4 mission patches are finally here! Celebrate our 4th season of podcasts with this awesome patch by artist Beth Kerner. We talk all about the design and its elements in our announcement blog post. You can get the new patch for $17USD with free shipping. Plus, if you missed last year's patch, you can get both together for just $25USD while supplies last. Both patches are limited print runs so pick it up today and support not only WeMartians but a great independent space artist, too! Get your Mission Patch now!
37 min
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