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OB86: Chicago Area Flying Part 1: VFR
Aug 19, 2019 · 1 hr 18 min
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Episode 86 Show Notes


Topic of the show: AG and RH start talking about Chicago area flying with a focus on VFR flying in the area.  What should every general aviation pilot know before flying in the Chicago area?  Find out on this episode.  A special thanks to “MDW”, a controller at Chicago Tracon for all your help!  We will continue our Chicago series next week with a focus on IFR flights.  

Timely Feedback: 

1. SUPREME GALACTIC AVIATION COMMANDER Mike Golf sent in a link to his latest VLOG about one of his legs to AirVenture and he breaks down ATC with great audio, drawings, maps, and narrative.  Great work, MG!  Thank you for your continued support of the show!

2. PATRON Delta Charlie asks about the dreaded phone number and follow up.  

3. PATRON Foxtrot Foxtrot sends in his ARTCC perspective on trail blazing.

4. Juliet Delta sent in audio feedback and questions about our displays.

5. PATRON Delta Mike Guy Named After a Texas town sent in AirVenture feedback!

6. Mike Victor Romeo sent in feedback about AirVenture.

7. Show Supporter Charlie Kilo sent in information about Tower En Route Control.

Thank you, everyone!  


1. Alpha Charlie sent in some feedback about the show.

2. Controller Vlad asks us for guidance on OJTI preparation and training tools.

Question of the Week/Month

Next week we will follow up the Chicago episode with discussions about IFR routing, altitude selection, navigation around the ORD/MDW finals and departures.  Do you have any questions about the area.  Send them in now.

Have a great week and thanks for listening!  Visit our website at OpposingBases.com or find us on Twitter @Opposing_Bases.  

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