Divorce Devil 035: Todd Dean - Why Women are Single, No June Cleavers Today, Mark Twain, The Final 10% Are Us, The Watering Down Of the 70’s Masculinity, Rosa Parks, and WWII.
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Divorce Devil 035:  Todd Dean - Why Women are Single, No June Cleavers Today, Mark Twain, The Final 10% Are Us, The Watering Down Of the 70’s Masculinity, Rosa Parks, WWII and Women Stepping Out of Traditional Roles, and Women can be Players Too!

After listening to SALMP #007 Todd Dean reached out to me telling me he had something to share that our listeners would definitely sponge.  He was so right!  Even though it is a quick podcast, Todd is running on all cylinders with his subject of Why Women are single.  Talks of the millennium woman, men needing to step up, women needing to dial it down, bookends, behind every great man is a great woman and man’s need to fight ruled the session.  It felt like a Cliff Note of getting men and women back on track.  Great job Todd!  As you can listen - he has far more to impart to our listeners.  We are looking forward to having him on the show again.  Thanks Peggy! 

You can also listen to it on https://bit.ly/3dL78NS , The Sex and Love Mansplained Podcast.

Ask Todd Dean what is he up to???

Todd Dean is currently building a world-class wellness center outside the Nashville area for those dealing with stress, addictions, depression, suicidal thoughts, and mental health issues. Todd Dean may have caught a wave of what could well become a post coronavirus health and wellness tsunami.

Dean recalls that his struggles and journey, as well as candid feedback from CEOs he coaches, spurred him to focus on creating "a world-class wellness center," And his extensive background in venture and angel-investment funding provided him the key to proceeding to seek funders for the launch of Sanjara Wellness.

The birth of Sanjara Wellness's idea, a name derived from Sanskrit words meaning love, forgiveness, being grounded, peace, happiness, and love. The launch of the concept about Sanjara Wellness came long before the arrival of the coronavirus. But the impact and fallout from the pandemic seem likely to put the project at the forefront of confronting what is coming to ail society.

Todd Dean created the Keiretsu Forum Northwest in 2005, the Seattle chapter of the global Angel investment group with deal flow and startups globally.

But as a coach for a growing number of the CEOs and individuals he works with, he says he came to realize the extent of challenges that people face daily.

"People I meet and work with are struggling with marriages, with their kids, with suicide, with depression, with mental health illness it's just continued to grow through the years," Dean noted. "So that was the genesis of wanting to create and build a world-class wellness center, hence, Sanjara Wellness, to solve these issues."

Dean notes that the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic impact have negatively affected all of us in a wide array of areas personally. Industry experts predict a growing need for greater access to behavioral health solutions to deal with the current and future aftermath of COVID-19.

A couple of statistics that Dean shared were that capital investments and funding for mental health and Wellness in startups reached a record high in the first quarter of 2020 and that behavioral health companies are on the rise.

"To be honest, didn't know there would be such a correlation between COVID-19 and mental health issues, addictions, depression, suicide, and other related things," Dean said.

Sanjara Wellness" Services include technology, spirituality, education, structure, and eastern philosophies, and we will have amenities like massage, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and other spa aspects as well," he added. We have nothing but love and support at Sanjara Wellness.

We are making the world a better place, helping one individual at a time. 

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