The Portrait
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Discussion is on Season 1, Episode 5, entitled The Portrait. Hosted by Eric Alton-Glenn Hilliard.

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  4. White Collar The Portrait Transcript
  5. Haustenberg
    1. The Portrait: Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Matisse and this Hungarian
  6. Trust But Verify
    1. Did Reagan really coin the term ‘Trust but verify,’ a proverb revived by HBO’s Chernobyl?
  7. Lambert Gallery
  8. Butterfly Effect
    1. What Is the Butterfly Effect and How Do We Misunderstand It?
  9. Art Loss Registry
  10. Fauvism
  11. Matisse: Woman with a Hat
  12. Peter Max
    1. Vase of Flowers
    2. Abstract Flowers II
    3. Umbrella Man
  13. László Mednyánszky
  14. Gansevoort
  15. Pay Phones

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