EP: 34 - The Ultimate Guide to Client Relationships
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“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design.” – Clare Muscutt


Welcome to Episode 34: The Ultimate Guide To Client Relationships

We’re baaaack …. with some more “untangling” Digital Glue podcast episodes for the last quarter of the year. We had some time to ponder during our mini summer break. And we wanted to start with a few episodes about something WE ALL deal with every. single. day.


Whether in your day job (hopefully you’ve left there by now and migrated into the amazing land of entrepreneurialism) or working in your own business, have you ever run into a slump of working with the “wrong” people? 

Clients who don’t understand your personality? Value your traits or expertise? Take you for granted? Expect you to be available on all devices at every hour of the day? And just plain ‘ol drain you emotionally? 

These pain points can be a real downer. 

And sometimes make one wonder … why even bother? (*le sigh!)

I could sit here all day and share all of Virtually Untangled’s client “horror stories” with you from over the years -- and many more from my time in the land of 9-5 -- but then this would turn into an award-winning novel (HaHa!) instead of an “untangling” podcast episode. So instead, I am going to take the hard-earned lessons from those stories and share some details alongside a list of the greatest tips you will ever need to know in order to help you find your dream client(s). And ease those nasty pain points of the ones who aren’t.

Here's what we will be untangling in this episode ...

  • How to figure out WHO is your dream client
  • How to start email relationships on the right foot
  • How to set clear roles and responsibilities
  • How to set clear working boundaries


Are you ready?
Pop in your awesome earbuds and let's dive in!

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