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Episode 36: Hot Water is Essential During COVID-19 Pandemic, Featuring Scott Costa of Water Heaters Only
Apr 30, 2020 · 39 min
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One of the most common water related incidents at rental properties is leaking or failing water heater. There has never been a time when hot water might be more essential, with all of us on stay-at-home orders, than during the COVID-19 pandemic. A failing water heater is a huge inconvenience to the homeowner or tenant who has to live without hot water for some period of time. 

Scott Costa represents a company that specialized in one thing ... Water Heaters Only know a thing or two about the topic. On this episode, Bob and Scott discuss why water heaters fail, what are the signs to look for when a water heater needs to be replaced, what the options are for selecting a water heater, and the new California building codes related to water heater installation.

Topics Covered

[3:20] Scott's background and intro to Water Heaters Only

[4:45] Getting a water heater 24/7/365

[6:30] Keeping hygienic and sanitization practices during COVID-19 pandemic

[9:20] Why do water heaters fail?

[11:10] Building codes in California and San Diego pertaining to water heaters

[17:25] Why do water heaters cost so much more than they used to?

[19:00] Circumstances which might favor installing a tankless water heater

[26:05] The Emergency Shutdown Instruction Sticker on the front of the water heater

[28:13] Signs that a water heater might be starting to fail 

[31:00] Recommended regular service and maintenance for water heaters 

[32:35] Potential danger of carbon monoxide emissions

[34:30] Scott shares some great feel-good success stories

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Water Heaters Only


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North County Property Group



Episode Transcript

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