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Five Minute Friday #19 - Property Management Guarantees
Feb 28, 2020 · 6 min
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Are you struggling to find a property manager you can trust? Perhaps the best way to find a reliable team that provides top-notch service is to look for a property management company that provides its clients with certain guarantees.

On this episode of Five Minute Friday, Bob walks us through the guarantees North County Property Group offers all its clients, including a Satisfaction, Pet and Performance Guarantee, explaining why his team doesn’t take any money from property owners until a tenant has moved in and rent is collected.

Bob goes on to discuss the additional guarantees NCPG affords its Premium Program clients, describing their 30-Day Rental Guarantee, Tenant Default Assurance and 12-Month Tenant Guarantee. Listen in for insight around how Bob’s team handles the rare occasions when renters seek early termination of a lease and learn why it’s crucial to find a property manager who backs their promises with guarantees.

Topics Covered

[0:44] How Bob’s struggle to find a trustworthy property manager led him to self-manage his own investment properties

[1:18] Why North County Property Group offers its clients several guarantees

[1:59] NCPG’s Satisfaction Guarantee and penalty-free cancellation (with 30-day notice)

[2:24] The details of NCPG’s Performance Guarantee and why Bob’s team doesn’t take any money from property owners until they produce results 

[2:53] How NCPG pays for damages beyond normal wear and tear caused by approved pets (up to $2,500)

[3:36] The additional guarantees NCPG offers as part of its Premium Program

[3:47] NCPG’s 30-Day Rental Guarantee for Premium Program clients

[4:15] NCPG’s 12-Month Tenant Guarantee and what Bob’s team does when renters seek early termination

[4:56] The most common reasons why a tenant might default on their rent + the Tenant Default Assurance NCPG offers its Premium Program clients 

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North County Property Group


North County Property Group Guarantees Page

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