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Episode 30: All About NARPM, Featuring Eric Wetherington, 2019 National President
Jan 23, 2020 · 36 min
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How do property owners know they’re hiring a qualified property management company that operates within a clear set of standards? The best way is to look for members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, or NARPM.

Eric Wetherington served as the 2019 National President of NARPM. Today, he joins Bob to discuss the educational opportunities available to members of the organization, explaining who establishes its curriculum and what national, state and local events are open to members.

Listen in for Eric’s insight around the legislative influence NARPM has developed and learn how YOU can benefit from the Code of Ethics and spirit of sharing unique to the NARPM community!

Topics Covered

[2:52] Eric’s background in property management and introduction to NARPM

[4:11] Eric’s experience serving as President of NARPM in 2019 + his role in the organization in 2020

[7:05] Why it’s important for property owners to hire NARPM members as property managers

[9:16] The educational opportunities available to NARPM members

[10:12] An overview of the three NARPM national conferences + state and local events

[15:03] The top three professional designations in NARPM and how members can earn them

[17:55] The legislative influence NARPM has developed through its PAC and lobbying groups

[21:11] The NARPM Code of Ethics

[24:42] Who establishes the professional development curriculum for NARPM

[25:36] The distinction between NARPM and IREM

[26:27] The benefits of being a NARPM member + the spirit of sharing unique to the NARPM community 

[30:37] The leadership opportunities available to NARPM members

[32:33] Eric’s call-to-action for real estate investors and property managers

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Episode Transcript

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