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Episode 27: Gaining Efficiencies Through Property Automation, Featuring Sean Miller of PointCentral
Dec 12, 2019 · 38 min
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What if you could predict a maintenance issue before it turned into an emergency? Property automation technology gives us the data to catch problems early on and be proactive—before a water heater leak turns into a flooded home!

Sean Miller is the CEO of PointCentral, the leading IoT platform for residential property managers. On this episode, Sean joins Bob to discuss the most common property automation devices, including smart locks, video doorbells and voice assistants

Sean introduces several of PointCentral’s hardware partners and describes how its technology benefits property managers, owners and tenants alike. Listen in for a high-level overview of PointCentral’s in-home hub and learn how you can drive operational efficiency via property automation.

Topics Covered

[2:50] How PointCentral helps property managers leverage IoT

[5:43] The difference between smart home technology and property automation

[6:48] The devices that fall into the category of property automation

[8:12] How PointCentral integrates with the Amazon, Apple and Google voice assistants

[9:55] PointCentral’s hardware partners and when the company builds its own

[11:57] Who PointCentral works with + how its technology benefits property managers

[14:48] How PointCentral benefits tenants

[17:47] How PointCentral benefits owners

[20:27] How PointCentral helps property managers prevent maintenance emergencies and improve efficiency

[23:26] An overview of PointCentral’s in-home hub + how it integrates with property management software

[28:16] The privacy concerns associated with video

[32:53] How PointCentral’s technology helps property managers do more of what they like

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Resources Mentioned
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Tenant Turner

Linear Smart Garage Door

Chamberlain Smart Products

Rachio Smart Sprinklers

SkyBell Video Doorbell

California Consumer Privacy Act

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