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Episode 20: Understanding Water Damage and Mold, with Jason Widmer
Sep 3, 2019 · 47 min
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Water damage, mold, and the ensuing remediation work required is something no property owner or manager ever wants to have to address. Water is one of the most common sources of damage to properties and can happen due to failing water heaters, broken pipes, roof leaks, and more. On this episode of the podcast, Bob speaks with Jason Widmer, owner of KIC Restoration, here in the San Diego area.

On this episode, you’re going to learn how to know if you have a potential water damage issue that needs to be addressed, what to do about it, and what the typical water restoration job looks like and how long it will take. 

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:25] Jason’s expertise with water restoration and remediation
  • [7:02] The most common examples of water intrusion into properties
  • [10:50] Warning signs that you may have a water restoration issue in the making
  • [12:30] The first things to do if you have an active water leak
  • [18:50] The conditions that promote mold growth and why it’s a big deal
  • [24:47] What does the entire process of water restoration look like?
  • [37:01] Insurance issues and how they can help or complicate things
  • [44:01] The best piece of advice: work with the right people for water restoration

Signs that you may have a water restoration leak in the making

If you can hear the sound of running water in your property and all water sources are turned off, it’s pretty obvious you have a water leak. But how do you verify that a water issue may be happening in your property if you can't hear running water? Water stains on ceilings or walls

  • Bubbled paint or texture on ceilings or walls
  • Warm floors
  • Visible splotching from mold

What should you do if you find a water leak in your property?

If you are fairly certain you have a water leak in your property, what should you do? Jason says it’s time to call someone who has the experience and equipment needed to identify for sure that water issues exist. You need to make sure the people who come to do work on your property know what they are doing when it comes to water remediation and restoration.

Does every water leak produce toxic mold growth?

Jason says there are hundreds of different types of mold and most of them are not anything to worry about (we even breathe some of them every day). The most important mold to watch for is commonly called “black mold” (Stachybotrys).

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