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Episode 18: Creating the Vacation Rental Experience, Featuring Gunilla DeSanto of Deluxe Decor by Design
Jun 27, 2019 · 31 min
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On this episode of Property Management Brainstorm, interior designer and home stager, Gunilla DeSanto, shares how to create a luxurious and relaxing vacation rental experience. In today’s rental economy, the demand for vacation rentals has never been higher. Rental owners are often asking how to make their vacation rentals pop or stand out online. In this episode, Gunilla explains how to create a once in a lifetime vacation rental experience for people while still having the comforts of home! For more information about Deluxe Decor by Design, click on this link to the Deluxe Decor by Design website. This episode is always available for listening, sharing, or download at Property Management Brainstorm

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:54] Who Gunilla is and her background
  • [6:01] The current state of the short-term rental industry
  • [7:53] What Gunilla’s company does
  • [9:14] Interior Design: an investment, not an expense
  • [11:20] The process of working with Deluxe Decor by Design
  • [16:20] Important design elements
  • [20:00] Why kitchens are important in creating a vacation rental experience
  • [26:01] The connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces 
  • [27:20] Deluxe Decor by Design’s geographic coverage

The current state of the short-term rental industry

The short-term rental industry is seeing massive growth. In 2018, there were 100 billion short-term rentals worldwide. It is also projected by the end of 2019, that the number of short-term rentals will hit 170 billion. Available rentals also rose by 26%. Because there are now more options for short-term rentals, guests can afford to be more picky about where they stay. 

The fastest growing segment of the short-term rental market is luxury rentals, with the vast majority of travelers wanting to spend time in a coastal rental where there is good weather year-round. Because of this, southern California makes an excellent market for these luxury vacation rentals.

Why interior design is an investment, not just an expense

Hiring an interior designer to help create the best vacation rental experience in your home is not just an expense. Updating decor and furnishings is an investment that will pay off in the immediate future. It increases property value and rental value when done correctly. Not only does interior design increase personal enjoyment but it creates happy customers - increasing rental rates and review rates!

Connecting indoor and outdoor living spaces

Outdoor living spaces are just as important as indoor living spaces in creating a vacation rental experience. There should be a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor. Having an outdoor kitchen is a plus, but a grill is a must. Many guests travel to places that are warm and coastal to be outdoors, so creating a space to enjoy the sunset, entertain, or just spend time is important!


Episode Transcript

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