Property Management Brainstorm
Episode 16: Why You Need a Property Management Software, Featuring Adam Feinstein of AppFolio
May 30, 2019 · 24 min
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Property management has many moving parts. Even if you are an individual landlord renting a property yourself there are many things to manage - from listing and marketing the property to leasing your property, keeping the property maintained, dispatching vendors for repairs, and accounting… On today’s episode, Adam Feinstein of AppFolio joins Bob to talk about AppFolio’s property management software. For more information about AppFolio, click on this link to the AppFolio website. This episode is always available for listening, sharing, or download at Property Management Brainstorm.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:30] Who Adam is and his background
  • [5:11] Things a landlord has to manage
  • [7:04] What AppFolio provides
  • [11:30] The 3 areas that Bob’s company benefits most from from AppFolio
  • [12:12] Marketing with AppFolio
  • [14:39] How AppFolio helps with maintenance
  • [18:12] AppFolio’s accounting solutions
  • [21:24] Other AppFolio offerings for property managers

How AppFolio helps with property management

AppFolio provides a completely integrated property management solution for a property manager. It allows a property manager to double or triple the number of properties under management without hiring more people to do so. Without this system, it could take an additional month to list a rental property, losing a month of rent. Be sure to listen as Aaron shares more benefits of using AppFolio.

Marketing your rentals with Appfolio

There are over 100 affiliate sites you can list a rental on as a property manager. Can you imagine having to list these manually on each site? With AppFolio, you are able to post a rental on all of these sites with only one click. You are able to add photos and details and then list your property quickly. With AppFolio, you are also able to funnel all responses from these sites into one area. Not only does AppFolio save property managers time, but it adds organization and ease to the marketing process.

How AppFolio helps a property manager with maintenance

With AppFolio, tenants are able to log on to a mobile app to submit a maintenance request. It streamlines these service requests for you as a property manager to schedule vendors to address the issues. AppFolio also sends a satisfaction survey to the tenant to rank the vendor used after the service is done to ensure that your vendors are doing a good job.

AppFolio’s accounting solutions

Accounting on AppFolio is automated. It allows tenants to pay rent online with a credit card, debit card, or electronic check. he system is also able to generate an owner’s statement each month to show the rent collected, deposits, what a tenant has maid, management fees, and an owner distribution. It makes the process of tracking where they money has gone more straightforward for all parties involved.


Episode Transcript

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