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Episode 12: Make Your Property Management Inspection Easier, Featuring Andy Wallace of zInspector
Apr 4, 2019 · 35 min
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On this episode, Andy Wallace joins Bob to talk about an extremely important topic for anyone handling a rental property: the property management inspection. This inspection takes place before a tenant moves into a rental and prior to the tenant vacating a rental. Though the world has gone digital, many of these inspections are still occurring on paper, by hand. With the amount of documentation and photos needed to complete these inspections, you can imagine how hard it could be to keep this straight for one rental - let alone hundreds of rentals. Andy’s company, zInspector is a cloud-based application that allows customers to do the inspection process on a mobile device. Be sure to listen to hear how the app works, why it is a great solution to recording home inspections, and more tips from Andy! For more information about zInspector, click on this link to the zInspector website. This episode is always available for listening, sharing, or download at Property Management Brainstorm

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:00] Andy’s background and what zInspector is all about
  • [3:47] How people are doing home inspections today without zInspector
  • [7:07] The classic home inspection vs. this type of home inspection
  • [9:08] Best practices to use zInspector
  • [13:05] Personal use vs. business use
  • [15:27] The final output from zInspector
  • [18:18] Recommended devices to use
  • [20:41] 360 degree cameras
  • [23:42] The importance of timestamping inspections
  • [26:55] Other uses for zInspector
  • [29:43] Andy’s closing thoughts

The “current” home inspection process compared to zInspector

Many property managers are still doing the entire home inspection process on paper and by hand. Andy says that some property managers may have tried to track things on Excel or an online form, but that most resort to a paper checklist that they can touch and see. zInspector does a great job of giving the property management inspection process a similar feel to that of a paper form. For instance, it gives the whole perspective of the process. It also has subtle advantages. As software, it allows for customizable forms, adds timestamps, organizes photos, and allows the property manager to view the rental over a period of time. It has the tools to make the inspection process faster, and more easily referenced in the future.

Best practices to use zInspector for a property management inspection

Andy shares several best practices for working in zInspector for a property management inspection:

  • Create properties either on the application or on the website and build up the property
  • Customize area details (for example: 1 smoke detector per room) and synch that with all of your properties
  • Gear up for move-ins, pre-inspections, and move-outs in the application - keeping this data in the application allows you to have a picture over time of a specific rental

zInspector’s final output

Though zInspector stores data in the cloud, property managers are also able to export data to a final PDF report that is printable. This report contains information, as well as six photos per page. Each photo is time-stamped and GPS stamped. Not only are you able to print reports quickly, but zInspector helps you locate them in an instant. You are able to search your database of rentals on zInspector by property address, inspection type, keywords, or timestamps to find your report. Compared to having photos files on a hard drive to search for or paper copies of checklists, zInspector puts your inspection information literally at your fingertips.


Episode Transcript

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