14 | Through the Fires of Transformation with Michelle Saya
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Many in the spiritual community have faced hardships - mainly what we like to refer to as the dark night of the soul. For guest Michelle and her winding path to spiritual enlightenment, she went through a complete dismantling of her life to get to where she is today. Terri is honoured to have Michelle on the show to speak about her experience from the nasty underbelly of corporate life  to her trip to Bali where she was finally able to listen to herself and what her soul was calling upon her to do and more. This is an episode to pay attention to as Michelle holds so much wisdom within the spiritual space.

About Michelle:
"I'm an intuitive business coach & psychological astrologer helping soulprenuers create a prosperous business by unlocking the energetic codes to their natal birth chart. We ditch the one-size-fits all cookie cutter sales/marketing tactics and decode what makes you stand out as a David amongst Goliaths in how you're sharing your work online."
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About the Empaths in Ag Podcast
Agriculture is one of the most advanced industries out there when it comes to new technology and practices that aims for better yields, better efficiency and better overall impact on the environment we all know, love, and care for. The Empaths in Ag Podcast, hosted by Terri Huxley, is all about giving a voice to those who pave the way for women in the agriculture industry and advocating and championing women’s rights, specifically changing the way society views the modern day farmer and their capabilities. Showing people through word of mouth that women can and are apart of this force of skilled individuals.

In this podcast, it will be a mix of guest talks with amazing individuals and one one ones with yours truly on a monthly basis due to time constraints until things settle. If you have a specific person or topic in mind, feel free to message me! In the mean time, sit back… relax and enjoy the show.

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