BJKS Podcast
BJKS Podcast
Nov 17, 2022
64. Gareth Barnes: MEG, OPM-MEG and the beauty of tinkering
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Gareth Barnes is a professor at University College London, where he is Head of  Magnetoencephalography. We talk about how Gareth randomly stumbled into working on MEG, what MEG is, and some of his recent projects, including the exciting new generation of MEG scanners: OPM-MEG.

BJKS Podcast is a podcast about neuroscience, psychology, and anything vaguely related, hosted by Benjamin James Kuper-Smith. In 2022, episodes appear roughly twice per month. You can find the podcast on all podcasting platforms (e.g., Spotify, Apple/Google Podcasts, etc.). 

0:00:03: How I found out about Gareth's work
0:02:31: What is MEG?
0:07:04: Flexible headcasts for MEG
0:19:49: How Gareth accidentally  started working on MEG (after writing fiction in France)
0:28:46: The early days of MEG at Aston University (starting with a  single channel)
0:40:58: The new generation of MEG:  Optically pumped magnetometers (OPM-MEG)
1:13:33: Mouth MEG and measuring hippocampus with MEG
1:21:06: The relationship between methods development and discovery in basic science

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