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BJKS Podcast
Apr 16, 2021
15. Kate Jeffery: A brief history of spatial navigation, place cells & grid cells in 3D, and brain evolution
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Kate Jeffery is a professor of behavioural neuroscience at University College London, where she works on spatial navigation. In this conversation, we talk about the history of spatial navigation, Kate's work on grid cells and place cells in 3D, and her recent work on entropy and brain evolution. 

0:00:05: Kate's journey from medicine to neuroscience
 0:10:57: A brief history of spatial navigation
0:30:43: PhD applications now and in 1990
0:34:38: Kate recorded grid cells 10 years before their discovery, without realising it
0:52:00: Prizes in science
1:05:20: A brief interlude as Kate gives her cat a treat 
1:05:48: Lessons from working with Richard Morris and John O'Keefe
1:09:28: Spatial navigation in 3D
1:34:54: How many dimensions can the hippocampal formation track?
1:40:50: Kate's collaboration with Carlo Rovelli 

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