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Jun 17, 2021
Gone Too Soon (S2-E4)
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Gone Too Soon (S2-E4)

The JabberGuys talk about some of the artists who left us too soon, wondering about songs we will never hear.

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The 27 Club … those artists who died at the age of 27
Janis Joplin - alcohol and narcotics
Jimi Hendrix - asphyxia while intoxicated
Jim Morrison - found dead in a Paris bath tub … suspected overdose
Robert Johnson (1938) - no official cause of death was recorded
Kurt Cobain - shot himself while listening to REM
Amy Winehouse - alcohol poisoning
Brian Jones (founding member of the Rolling Stones) - was he murdered?

Sam Cooke
Shot by a motel manager, allegedly in self-defence, “justifiable homicide”

Marvin Gaye
Shot by his father while he was trying to intervene in a domestic dispute

Nat King Cole
Died in his sleep from cancer
Natalie Cole - “Unforgettable” duet

Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash (1977)
Ronnie Van Zant
Steve and Cassie Gaines

The Day the Music Died - plane crash (Feb 3, 1959)
Buddy Holly
Richie Valens
J.P. Richardson, the “Big Bopper”

Aailyah - plane crash (2001)

Minnie Riperton - dies of cancer (1979)
Daughter - Maya Rudolph (SNL and Bridesmaids movie)
Loving You” - high note!!

Jim Jefferies - Mariah Carey party story

 Duane Allman - Ditched motorcycle to avoid head on with truck (1971)

Marc Bolan - T. Rex

Elvis (1977)

Michael Jackson (June 25, 2009)

Karen Carpenter - Anorexia (1983)

Prince (2016)
Prince at the George Harrison tribute concert

Patsy Cline - dies at 30 in a plane crash (1963)

John Lennon - shot by Mark David Chapman outside the Dakota (December 8, 1980)
Think of all the songs we will never hea
Peter Jackson documentary on the BEATLES

John Bonham - dies from alcohol abuse, pulmonary aspiration (September 25, 198

Neil Peart - Brain cancer (January 7, 2020)

Jeff Buckley - drowns (1997)

Dennis Wilson - drowns looking for his ex-wife’s ring (1983)

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