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Apr 22, 2021
Boston - Rock and Roll Band (S1-E15)
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Boston (S1-E15)

The JabberGuys uncover the iconic band Boston, from their early beginnings to some of the tragedies that plagued members of the band in the later years.

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Scholz, Goudreau, Masdea, Delp
Previous Band Name: Mother’s Milk (1974) 
Demos rejected by numerous labels
Delp leaves to get a factory job
Scholz brings Delp back for more vocals and label submissions …. and … Nada
Barry Goudreau comes back and then they all decide that they need management
Managers get them another shot with EPIC Records
EPIC accepts them and the label cuts Masdea from the band
They bring in Sib Hashian on drums and add Fran Sheehan as bass player
1976 - They are now known as BOSTON and release debut album - ‘BOSTON’ - Breaks records!
EPIC recruits John Boylan as producer
But Scholz still records by himself in his basement studio (Fox Glove)
3 singles charted from side one of debut album
More Than a Feeling #5
Long Time #22
Peace of Mind #38
Debut album-Boston- #43 on RnR Hall of Fame’s list of all time definitive 200 albums
EPIC pressures Boston to release second album
1978- After 2 years they release second album - ‘Don’t Look Back’ (only 29 minutes long)
Original working title was ‘Arrival’, but title already taken by ABBA
Reaches #1 on chart
1982- CBS withholds royalties due to delay of third album release and files a $20 million lawsuit
1985- Boston moves over to MCA
Many band members leave due to long wait to record third album
Hashian leaves and Masdea returns for this album
1986- Eight years after album number two, finally release third album - Third Stage
‘Amanda’ single goes #1
First album to achieve GOLD status on CD format (500,000 sold)
Orion the Hunter - Barry Goudreau (1984)
Delp and Scholz have conflict and Delp leaves
RTZ - Delp and Goudreau (1989)
Delp returns to help finish the fourth album
1994- Fourth album - ‘Walk On’
Band member challenges
Sib Hashian dies at his kit while performing on stage on a cruise ship.
Brad Delp suicide
Allegation of a hidden camera may have led to his suicide
Scholz sues Boston Herald for insinuation of him contributing to Delp’s suicide.  Ultimately loses lawsuit.
Replacement for Delp?
Tommy DeCarlo
Submits Delp tribute song on his daughter’s MySpace page
Send his song to Boston management and is invited to perform at the Delp Tribute Concert
DeCarlo ends up joining the band and touring with Boston 

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