Ep 87: Aligning and Defining Your Company’s Culture with HR Strategist Otisa Eads
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Building a team seems like a pretty straightforward endeavor. Figure out what you want people to “do” then get someone on board to accomplish that task, right?

Turns out, there is a better way to approach the hiring process and it comes from “BEing” rather than “DOing”.

And it really comes down to seeking cultural fit before task fit.

It’s a bit of a scary mindset shift but when you can see that it’s WAY easier to train someone to expand upon their set of skills than to facilitate a cultural alignment, your ability to build a solid, happy, healthy team will be unparalleled.

Leading with culture has SO many benefits that go beyond efficiencies and output gained by having cultural alignment. A strong company culture influences everything around it. From vendor relationships, to marketing, to investment opportunities. When your culture is humming, everyone who has a relationship with your organization gets on board.

That’s why today’s conversation is so important. My guest is Otisa Eads and she’s a HR Consultant and Systems Strategist who is fully steeped in culture and team building. Yes, Otisa can help you with your HR needs, AND that starts with culture.

Otisa is also a big proponent of measuring. See, when you can identify ways to measure the effectiveness of the modifications you make – the experiments you run in your organization – you can then make more educated decisions about what to try next. 

Running your organization is really just a series of experiments. Define a hypothesis. Establish tests to prove or disprove that hypothesis. Measure. Repeat.

Otisa is AMAZING at this stuff and our conversation was super valuable.

Have a listen to this episode and help get your culture game humming.

Otisa Eads


Gather feedback and data. Whether from the staff or stakeholders, spend time doing research on what is happening internally at your organization. 

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