Ep 85: CRMs, the number one tool you need to grow the success of your nonprofit with Lidiane Mocko of CRM Growth Strategy
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When asked, “What’s the best Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRM)?” I like to joke, “The best CRM is the one you will use.” 

And though this is mostly a pithy reply to a legitimate inquiry, in my experience just getting started and committed to using a CRM is one of the best actions one can take to get their sales humming.

And yes, nonprofits can benefit from a CRM too. (One they will use, of course.)

Your CRM helps you stay on track with outreach, check-ins, and where people currently reside in their engagement lifecycle with your organization. Using one effectively helps you build relationships and keep conversations and actions from falling through the cracks.

Some of the more full-featured CRMs even help you keep your one-to-many outreach on track with email automations, funnel capabilities, and even social media management functionality that enables you to be more proactive with your outreach and improve your team’s efficiency and effectiveness with social engagement. In fact, we wrote a whole post about getting organized with a CRM.

That’s why I’m so excited about today’s guest, Lidiane (Liddy) Mocko. She’s a CRM expert and the founder of CRM Growth Strategy and if you are interested in getting your CRM game on point, Liddy is your go-to person to make sure you are set up and running at peak efficiency.

See, Liddy is steeped in the CRM world. She’s a SalesForce expert and helps teams in both for- and nonprofit organizations get the most out of their systems. She not only helps organizations customize their platforms, but has a wealth of experience and knowledge she shares with the world to ensure that you get the most out of your CRM and engagement plan.

This episode is a game-changer for those who currently have a CRM or those looking to add this valuable tool to their kit. 

I hope you enjoy it.


CRM Growth Strategy 






If you are using a CRM, now is time for Spring Cleaning, go ahead and check in on people you haven’t talked to in a while, pick up the phone or send some emails to get them reengaged with you and your organization. 

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