Fact or Fiction - UFOs (Pt 2) (S2-E4)
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Fact or Fiction - UFOs (Pt 2) (S2-E4)

The JabberGuys talk about some of the disclosure documentaries on UFOs and Aliens and share some revealing information on the growing debate and recent public interest and media coverage on this controversial topic.

(2017) “Unacknowledged” (Documentary trailer - The Disclosure Project)

(2018) “Bob Lazar - Area 51 and Flying Saucers
Evidence Suggests UFO Whistleblower Bob Lazar was Telling the Truth All Along.
Element 115 - identified by Lazar, asked to reverse engineer the alien gravity propulsion unit
Jeremy Corbell (Director) and Bob Lazar on Larry King Live (2019)
Producer - George Knapp (Investigative Reporter)

(2020) “The Phenomenon” (Documentary trailer)
(1950) Paul and Evelyn Trent UFO on film - McMinnville, Oregon
(1964) Police Officer - Lonnie Zamora - UFO incident (Socorro, New Mexico)

(1971) Delphos, Kansas - Johnson Family farm incident

(2001) National Press Club disclosure regarding UFOs and missile base incidents
UFOs around nuclear missile bases (Malmstrom Airbase incident)
Ukraine nuclear missile base incident

 (2007) Senator Harry Reid leads investigation and the funding of AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program)
Interview - Luis Alizondo (Former AATIP Director)

Nano objects found in Russia  (Ancient Aliens, Season 11)

(2021) CTV News Interview with Christopher Mellon - Former Asst Secretary of Defense
“We need to prepare to accept that we are not alone” (Christopher Mellon)

 Contact and Close Encounters
Papua, New Guinea (1959)
Westall School Incident, Australia (1966)
Ruwa, Zimbabwe (1994) 

Apophis asteroid - Will it hit the earth on Friday, April 13, 2029?
Let’s hope the aliens help us out with this one! 

Whether you choose to believe or not believe, that’s totally up to you…  but at least observe the evidence, even if it’s with a skeptical eye.  Time will eventually tell us what is Fact and what is Fiction.

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