Imposter syndrome discussion with KJ Nasrul
Play • 27 min

KJ Nasrul is a clinical psychotherapist, writer, musician and avid traveller.  She loves helping others find their voices through turning inward, and finding their resources for inner healing and resilience.

Fascinatingly, Margaret and KJ chat about imposter syndrome.  One definition is 'A false and sometimes crippling belief that one's successes are a product of luck or fraud rather than skill, a pervasive feeling of self-doubt insecurity or fraudulence despite often overwhelming evidence to the contrary.' Does this feel familiar? Are creatives/artiststs  especially prone?

Further discussion explores where the feelings of vulnerability, exposure and rawness originate. Sometimes we listen to our culture or may be affected by the environment we are born into or by conversations, judgments and evaluations by teachers, peers or family members. 

An interesting debate followed about the part social media can play in influencing imposter syndrome and the importance of switching off when feeling vulnerable.

Listen in for inspiration and to hear about the importance of moving forward and just 'doing' even though you're scared. Movement is the catalyst. Take action even though you're fearful. Fear of failure is closely tied to imposter syndrome. Turn it around  and learn from it - failure actually moves you along.  We should also pay attention to how we talk to ourselves. Would your inner voice speak to a friend or a child like you do to yourself?   Speak kindly and encouragingly to yourself!

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