Refinding your individual style
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A few thoughts on finding our natural style. 

The biggest question in photography is how to find a style that is truly your own.  We can learn techniques and technicals - anyone can - but to have your own unique stamp on your creative style, to truly find your voice is the ultimate goal. 

The chances are extremely high that you already know your own style,  your voice . Or you did once  - when you were young. The problem is that we have all spent our lives unlearning our intuition and natural instincts. 

Opinions, demands of life, societies norms, what everyone else thinks, feeling not good enough all get in the way as we grow up. 

When you think of a 3 year old creating happily with boldness and enjoyment. They dont  worry about what anything else may think of their creation they simply enjoy that wonderfully creative process of throwing paint around.

As we grow this knocked out of us over and over in a gradual process. At home and school we are taught that mistakes are bad - but the reality is great artists are those that are willing to take risks, to stand out and be different. 

When you create, you create from the heart and therefore you lay yourself open to hurt. And those times where a teacher or a parent or peers laughed at your art or told you it was no good, cause deep scars. So we learn instead to blend in, to be liked   Until we no longer know what is real, what is inside of us.

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