Talking XP
Talking XP
Jul 27, 2021
Cart Breaker - One-Minute One-Shot #7
Play • 13 min

Tasked with transporting a local lord's comatose son to a distant wizarding school, your party sets up camp off the road in a small clearing on the night of the 4th day of travel. The party pulls straws for who will keep watch and, naturally, the Rogue drew the short straw.

The night continues as the Rogue gets too comfortable, falling asleep at their post, which allows a group of Wood Elves the perfect opportunity to grab your party's loose belongings, horses, and, worst of all, the cart where the body of the comatose son was placed.

As the group of Wood Elf Bandits begins riding away with your gear and horses, what would you do to stop them?

Find out what we did in the re-release of our podcast segment "One-Minute One-Shot"!  

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