Brain Uploading, Will You Do It? with Robert McIntyre - Call From the Future #41
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Uploading your brain to the internet is closer than you think... thanks to this guy.

Our guest, Robert McIntyre, is the CEO of Nectome.

Nectome is a Y Combinator from the Winter 2018 batch.

Learn more and connect with Robert:

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0:03 Archiving human minds       
3:58 History of writing & language       
9:54 Robert McIntyre & Nectome introduction      
16:22 Neuron scanning complexity & number of neurons in different spices      
19:27 Storing your thumb & storage size      
29:38 Scanning a human brain - the storage capacity      
32:30 Electron microscope price      
36:27 The storage & compute cost      
44:54 Fib-sim image      
48:46 Seeing synapses & proteins      
50:55 Archiving human minds in the future      
55:29 Compute requirements      
57:58 Printing or growing a "person" future    
1:01:59 Robert's thoughts on the future efforts    
1:08:41 Robert's story & cryo-preservation    
1:28:54 The sequencing steps for human brains    
1:30:15 Much better brain model & the difference between perfusion & diffusion    
1:36:19 Taking the technology to market    
1:38:02 What is the engram?    
1:42:03 When will we be able to use Nectome services    
1:45:05 Getting in touch with Robert 

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