Levi LaVallee. 13X X-Games Medalist. World Record Holder. Ep. 9
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Levi LaVallee is a native of Longville, MN.  He is a 13x X-Games medalist (7X Gold Medalist) in various Snowmobile events.  He also is the World Record Holder for longest snowmobile jump at 412ft!  He accomplished this feat during the 2011 Red Bull New Year No Limits event in San Diego.  Levi was a multi-sport athlete growing up, playing football, basketball and baseball.  During the winter of his Freshman year of high school he made the decision to drop basketball and start pursuing his true passion of riding snowmobiles.  His never ending desire to push himself yielded a meteoric rise in the amateur ranks.  He quickly was recognized by Team Polaris after an event in Duluth, MN and from there his professional career began.  With his love of showmanship, speed and an infectious personality, he transformed the sport and has become one of the most popular extreme athletes in the World.  I can't thank Levi enough for taking time out of his busy life to sit down with me and be fully Unrestricted.  

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MGoBlog: The MGoPodcast
The Ace Pod 3.9: Glad and Sorry
Cover art by Seth Fisher, based on 'Ohh La La' by Faces This episode, as always, is brought to you by the law offices of E. Jason Blankenship, who may be socially distanced from the courthouse but is still taking on clients. You can find his new website here. You can follow Connor on Twitter and subscribe to his newsletter, A Lonely Impulse of Delight, that includes literary analysis of Calvin & Hobbes and, blissfully, nothing about Michigan athletics. Dan is not a writer but he is @ThiccStauskas on Twitter. If you’d like to hear more, the two co-host the newly titled Yet Another Michigan Football Podcast. Alex Cook you know from his writings here, and his blog about The Grand Castle. [Writeup after the jump] SEGMENT ONE: COACHES, ASSEMBLE Dan laments a slow week on the RCMB. Before we dig into the football coaching staff, Ace reads some stats from the M-OSU WBB game, which featured Naz Hillmon scoring a program record 50 points and, well, not much else on the M side of the scoring column. Then we go through the completed defensive staff, how we feel about this youthful group, and also discuss the yet-to-be-finalized offensive coaching staff. It may have taken way too long but a couple of us may feel something approaching optimism? Hopefully a few of these guys will be around for the Soup Era. One thing is for sure, they upgraded the safeties coach. SEGMENT TWO: POSITIONS THAT NEED REINFORCEMENTS Naming five position groups that could at least potentially use a transfer in order of need. The top two are obvious, though not necessarily in the order you’d think. We throw out some names to target. A look at the 247 transfer portal reveals a depressing number of departing Wolverines, but also a healthy number of talented former Tennessee Vols. SEGMENT THREE: BASKETBALL WITH LORD BAUNCELOT, MARYLAND EDITION Alex joins us from his possibly haunted room in the Grand Castle and immediately reveals Connor’s darkest secret. Nice to see them win while Hunter Dickinson isn’t scoring. Also nice to see Dickinson not forcing his own offense when teams double. Franz Wagner is playing well enough to garner NBA attention. Isaiah Livers and Mike Smith got great looks and Livers, in particular, didn’t hesitate to take them. How do we want to see the backup center position sort out? Is Brandon Johns caught in a minutes crunch or is there more time available for him? SEGMENT FOUR: BASKETBALL WITH LORD BAUNCELOT, MINNESOTA EDITION Surprise, this section is shorter. Can Zeb Jackson be a contributor? Burn the rest of the tape. Songs: Glad and Sorry—FacesMr. Ambulance Driver—Flaming LipsYou Know Me—Thunder Dreamer “That’s a good thing for a coach to be is with the program in a physical, real way. Literally, just be there. It’s good.”
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