A.Connector's Mark Forman on Communicating between Asian and Western Culture
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In this episode, we're going to take a trip to Taiwan, to have a chat with the host of the A.Connector Podcast, Mark Forman.

The Brooklyn Bluesman, as he is notably called RBBluesman, Mark is part of a consultancy providing various business education and communication training, speaking services online on the internet and live in-person originally from Brooklyn, New York. He studied Chinese culture and history in university and moved to Taiwan from 1987 to continue Chinese language studies.

From the podcasting perspective, he is right up there with the core group of podcasters starting up the first-ever podcasts. So we are going to do a little bit of time travel when it comes to talking about how podcasting started, now with his current show, A.Connector, satisfying his curiosity by talking to interesting people around the world.

We talked about:

  • His origin story: How Mark started podcasting, coming into contact with the medium 
  • Mark's connection to Evo Terra, a previous guest and amazing guy (Hi Evo!)
  • The social dynamics between Western and Asian culture, not only from a podcasting perspective, but in terms of communication. 
  • How conservative should we be when it comes to starting a podcast in Asia,
  • The methods of showcasing frustration and moral outrage according to two different cultures
  • Mark's thoughts on the Asian podcasting scene and much more. 



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