Feb 3, 2023
Harkness with Jason Brooks and Keenan Hale Jr.
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The Harkness method is a discussion-based learning style that emphasizes student centric discussion and active participation in a classroom setting. The goal is to create an environment where students can share their thoughts and perspectives, engage in meaningful conversations, and learn from each other.

Jason Brooks, a native of South Central Los Angeles, taught Mandarin, Spanish & Mathematics for 18 years. During COVID-19, as he tracked student interaction by hand, he quickly recognized the potential for artificial intelligence to fuel better meeting performance. In October 2021, he founded HARKNESS.AI, an early stage startup whose vision is to empower everyone - on every team - to meaningfully contribute their voice at work, in school, or any other group... free from friction, fear or bias.

Co-founder Keenan Hale Jr. graduated from Syracuse University as a Big East Conference Football Champion & 2-time bowl winner with a degree in Communications and Rhetorical Studies. He began his career as a Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager for Mayoral Candidate Rochelle Robinson in Douglasville, GA.  He later served as Legislative Assistant and senior advisor to Congressman Al Green. Most recently, Keenan worked as a registered lobbyist advising and providing political & regulatory insight to multiple trade associations and Fortune 500 clients.

Co-hosts Rohan and Mike join us to discuss the conversation trust factor, targeting miscommunication and how that corrodes trust and team, their aim to promote self-awareness within the team structure, and the ability to help people ask hard cultural questions safely.

0:03:28 - The Genesis of Harkness AI: A Story of Overcoming Adversity and Finding Success in Education
0:05:20 - Harnessing the Power of Data Science to Transform School Culture During the Pandemic
0:06:57 - Exploring Ed Tech Innovation in the Pandemic
0:13:14 - The Benefits of Adult Online Learning Platforms
0:14:45 - The Use of AI-Powered Technology in Business, Couples Therapy, and Dispute Resolution
0:17:45 - The Impact of Technology on Trust and Acceleration of Artificial Intelligence
0:20:02 - AI Ethics: Combining Soft and Hard Skills for Business Success
0:21:35 - AI-Powered Real-Time Coaching for Improved Communication in the Workplace
0:24:41 - The Promise of AI to Transform the Way We Do Things
0:27:00 - The Potential of AI to Mitigate Miscommunication and Conflict
0:29:09 - Exploring the Humanistic Approach to AI
0:31:56 - The Power of Language and AI to Connect People and Transform Lives
0:34:34 - Cultural and Communication Differences
0:36:18 - Awareness to Physical Presence in Meetings
0:37:56 - Incorporating Team Members for Maximum Efficiency
0:45:31 - Voice Suppression in the EdTech and Workforce Surveillance Risk Areas
0:47:46 - Establishing Trust and Ethics in the Digital Age
0:50:41 - Virtual Observers and Their Impact on Communication
0:53:14 - Benefits of Using Data to Make Decisions in the Workplace
0:54:57 - Creating a Culture of Respect and Clarity
0:58:11 - Exploring Cross-Cultural Communication
1:02:57 - Benefits of Leveraging Harkness to Improve Team Dynamics
1:09:54 - Connecting People Across Different Use Cases
1:14:56 - Combining Visual and Auditory Learning




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