Reinvention Rebels
Reinvention Rebels
Jun 30, 2021
How I Reinvented Myself as a Published Author at 62 with Arlene Walker
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What happens when you embrace limitless possibilities and see past society’s norms about how older women age and show up?

Pure magic, that’s what!

The kind of magic that energizes you, inspires you, and inspires others too!

Inspiration to get out of your comfort zone, trust your gut, and share your unique gifts with the world in compelling ways.

That’s exactly what Arlene Walker has done.

This fabulous Reinvention Rebel wrote and published her first novel at 62-years young!

Arlene had never written a book before yet she felt called to share her talents with the world.

Take a listen to how her path unfolded, what she’s learned about herself what’s next at 64 (hint: a lot!).

This warm, engaging and insightful Reinvention Rebel has channeled her passions for research, writing, and storytelling into a most creative reimagining of life in her 60’s.

Arlene proves we can reimagine our lives at any age or any stage!

I love what she shared about:
• How self-discovery can help guide your path
• How finding your passion can help you overcome your fears
• Why you need to get out of your comfort zone to reimagine your life
• Why she wrote the story she wanted to read
• How having a “guide on the side” is so important to achieving your goals
• Why age was never a deterrent to her dreams

This episode is inspiring, insightful, and oh so interesting! And if you’re an aspiring writer itching to become a published author too, Arlene offers up some great tips.

Sit back, relax and enjoy our Reinvention Rebels conversation. Soak up Arlene's wisdom and the reminder that at 64-years young she's just getting started on pursuing her inspiring goals!

If she can do it, so can we!

Connect with Arlene:

Her book:
Seeds of Deception on Amazon
Facebook Page:
Arlene Walker - Author
Instagram:  @arlene_walker_author

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