Peak Performance: The Mindset Techniques That Can Help You Achieve Your Goals - Jason Goldsmith
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How can you achieve peak performance in the classroom, workplace, and in life? Jason Goldsmith is a performance coach who has helped professional athletes and business leaders become masters in their field. In this episode, he shares some of the top mental performance truths, tools and techniques anyone can use to achieve their goals.

Whatever your "sport" is - golf, law, engineering - Jason's advice will help you move beyond mental barriers and get to a place where you can "just play".

In this episode:

  • What is mastery, and how can you achieve it?
  • How to get out of the rut of problem-identification
  • Why awareness is so important to mastery
  • Why mindfulness & meditation can keep you focused on your goals
  • The power of visualization to achieve peak performance
  • How to best coach yourself & others

3 Big Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Mastery is an aspirational journey: Mastery is more about the journey than the destination, because the destination is out of our control. True mastery requires drive, grit and perseverance. Once you set out on the path, you stay on the path. A good coach will help an individual identify what their aspirational goals are and then set the course toward that goal, always focusing on what can be controlled and not getting hung up on what can't be controlled.
  2. Listen to the story you are telling yourself: Peak performance starts with the right mindset. Self-limiting beliefs are one of the biggest inhibitors to peak performance. So be aware of your thoughts and the narrative you've crafted about your abilities: is it true? Is it useful? Do you need to modify it?
  3. Get out of the mindset of problem identification. A problem identification mindset is always focused on the problem - often causing one to stress about future events or dwell on past failures. Instead, be aware in the present and identify the positives in your situation.


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