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Welcome to our inaugural episode.  Today we will will talk about understanding your WHY.  Why do you want to stop working for others and enter the reselling game?

Understanding your WHY will drive you be the fuel you need to press on in the face of all the trials and tribulations of reselling, being a pandemic or just a slow time of year.

I am Old Fashioned Mike, online retailer and designer focusing on a variety of distribution channels to move product.

I got into reselling by mistake; I was looking for something I could do part-time while building a software company and like many I searched YouTube to look for ideas.  Suddenly I was confronted with hundreds of videos about reselling old textbooks on Amazon.  Seemed easy enough so I signed up for an Amazon Seller account...epic fail!  More on this in later days.

Undeterred, I stumbled upon a new set of videos covering buying/selling on eBay and other platforms.  I was hooked and I'm still here today in my own warehouse, with a team of Virtual Assistants listing every day.

But this doesn't answer my WHY.  You'll have to tune into the show for that answer but I assure you it's worth the listen.

But this show isn't about me, it's about YOU!

In future episodes, we'll talk about taking your reselling hobby to a business, because that is what it is...a BUSINESS.

The way this is set up, the Podcast is focused on STRATEGY, listen to it while you work, while you drive, or when you are sourcing for new inventory.  You don't need to take notes, it won't normally be instructional.  We'll have interviews with prominent resellers as well who will give their perspective on how to run a reselling business.

The blog (Show Notes) will provide you with a supplemental materials, show wrap up and RESOURCES that you may want to use in running your business.

Lastly we are starting a YouTube channel to show HANDS ON TRAINING and EXAMPLES of what we do to grow our reselling business.  Something that you can take notes on and refer back to at any time.

Thank you for getting this far, see you in the next episode.

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